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Definition of "facon" [facon]

  • An obsolete form of falcon. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "facon" in a sentence
  • "He was distinguished among his fellows by his tallness, the thickness of his eyebrows and the great length of his crow-black beard, the form and length of his "facon," or knife, which was nothing but a sword worn knife-wise, and the ballads he composed, in which were recounted, in a harsh tuneless voice to the strum-strum of a guitar, the hand-to-hand combats he had had with others of his class -- fighters and desperadoes -- and in which he had always been the victor, for his adversaries had all been slain to a man."
  • "Hadid is fashionable a sa facon and has a large social as well as architectural footprint."
  • "Rocket c'est cool, on l'a massacrer VOLONTAIREMENT pis de toute facon meme si on avait voulu la faire serieux depuis le mardi ou on s'etait niqué la voix sur Singstar, on etait pratiquement aphone donc bon .... ca partait de toute facon en cacahuete!!"