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Definition of "exuviae" [ex•u•vi•æ]

  • The cast-off skins or coverings of various organisms, such as the shells of crabs or the external coverings of the larvae and nymphs of insects. (noun-plural)

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Use "exuviae" in a sentence
  • "If I understand what was being said correctly, then "exuviae" classical meaning - armour stripped from a dead enemy, or skin taken from or shed by an animal is correctly a plural term that is used as a singular, in the same way that English speakers say "I take off my clothes" and never "I take off my cloth"."
  • "Just out of exuviae, wings still folded, photo OK but not great."
  • "While the body of the poem often stands in for the body of the poet, acting as a surrogate for the experience of such a biography, the body of the text in this case has gone missing, leaving behind only the exuviae of the work itself — the set of afterthoughts found in annotations and digressions, allegedly presented after the fact by experts, who have prepared this text for scholastic discussion."