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Definition of "extraterritoriality" [ex•tra•ter•ri•to•ri•al•i•ty]

  • Exemption from local legal jurisdiction, such as that granted to foreign diplomats. (noun)

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Use "extraterritoriality" in a sentence
  • "It is still a document worth reading as it essentially granted to all occupying forces and allied private companies what, in the era of colonialism, used to be called "extraterritoriality" -- the freedom not to be in any way subject to Iraqi law or jurisdiction, ever."
  • "MR. MCCURRY: Well, I think all of you are well aware that many of our closest allies do not appreciate what are called the extraterritoriality features of this provision."
  • "Chalmers Johnson calls all of them "foreign military enclaves .... completely beyond the jurisdiction of the occupied nation," a modern day version of 19th century China's "extraterritoriality" granting foreigners charged with crimes the "right" to be tried by his or her own government under his or her own laws."