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Definition of "exon" [ex•on]

  • A sequence of DNA that codes information for protein synthesis that is transcribed to messenger RNA. (noun)

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Use "exon" in a sentence
  • "Genes recombine by fusing in whole or in part, by a process known as exon shuffling exons are the separate stretches of code that are used to make one protein in split genes."
  • "Perhaps the exon is a protogene — one that's effectively dormant until it's switched on by some external factor."
  • "The abnormal FSHR contained a deleted sequence of protein called exon 2 that is an important part of the protein that binds the FSH; FSHR with the exon 2 deletion was only detected in women younger than 35 who had a poor response to FSH and yielded less than four oocytes in a follicle stimulating cycle."
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