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Definition of "exhaustible" [ex•haust•i•ble]

  • Capable of being exhausted (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "exhaustible" in a sentence
  • "In 11 short pages Boulding gave an account of the economy and its relation to the environment that distinguished between open and closed systems in relation to matter, energy, and information; described the economy as a sub-system of the biosphere; considered the significance of the second law of thermodynamics for energy, matter and information and the extent to which they are subject to entropic processes; argued that knowledge or information is the key to economic development; noted that fossil fuels are a short-term exhaustible supplement to solar energy and that fission energy does not change this picture; considered the prospects for much better use of solar energy enhanced perhaps by the biological revolution; argued that human welfare may be better understood as a stock rather than a flow; presented an ethical basis for conservation; acknowledged that human impacts on the environment have spread from the local to the global; observed the limited contribution that corrective taxation might play; and commented that technological change has become distorted through planned obsolescence, competitive advertising, poor quality, and a lack of durability."
  • "Of course, I have had the world of the internet at my fingertips, and with that the in-exhaustible lists of "copycat" recipe sites out there."
  • "The oil rig companies use one layered tanks that are unsafe for transporting liquid murder through our exhaustible oceanic environment."