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Definition of "epiphyte" [ep•i•phyte]

  • A plant, such as a tropical orchid or a staghorn fern, that grows on another plant upon which it depends for mechanical support but not for nutrients. Also called aerophyte, air plant. (noun)

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Use "epiphyte" in a sentence
  • "'epiphyte' (_i. e._, a plant growing on other plants,) "forms dense festoons among the branches of the trees, vegetating among the black mould that collects upon the bark of trees in hot damp countries; other species are inhabitants of deep and gloomy forests, and others form, with their spring leaves, an impenetrable herbage in the Pampas of Brazil.""
  • "Tillandsia is an epiphyte, a plant that derives its nutrients not from where it is planted but from the air."
  • "A botanist scaled a tree trunk to a height of three meters, and scraped from the trunk a sample of the tiny epiphyte for genetic sequencing."