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Definition of "ells" [ells]

  • Plural form of ell. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ells" in a sentence
  • "What I meant is: I hope we don't loss anyone ells from the crew of the movie The Dark Knight and that is it …. but some people just like to make scandals … and I remember even in the day that Heath Ledger died … some said that it is from the Joker character that still controle him and don't leave him relax and such an idiotic thoughts …"
  • "The "ells" that are the basic unit for these measuring sticks are in some cases still marked out on a medieval church wall or the town hall, since the exact length of the ell could differ from region to region."
  • "Yet John remembered that his team and wagon were going all winter, hauling stone for the foundation of the Hendricks home on the hill -- a great brick structure, with square towers and square "ells" rambling off on the prairie, and square turrets with ornate cornice pikes pricking the sky."