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Definition of "doming" []

  • Producing an anticlinal fold whose axis is a point and whose sides dip in all directions: the reverse of *basining (which see). (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "doming" in a sentence
  • "Speaking as the president of a fraternity whose motto is the "true gentleman," Mr. Watson unsurprisingly takes issue with such Bluto-inspired basement practices as "doming," where one chugs a six-pack as quickly as possible until projectile vomiting is induced."
  • "Tip the mixture into your prepared tin and smooth the surface, scooping out a small hollow in the middle to prevent a doming effect."
  • "Although it has been restless in recent months with hundreds of small earthquakes, there is no sign of the kind of dramatic doming of the ground that would indicate a major surge of magma and a potential eruption."
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