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Definition of "dominant" []

  • Exercising the most influence or control. (adjective)
  • Most prominent, as in position; ascendant. (adjective)
  • Genetics Of, relating to, or being an allele that produces the same phenotypic effect whether inherited with a homozygous or heterozygous allele. (adjective)
  • Ecology Of, relating to, or being a species that is most characteristic of an ecological community and usually determines the presence, abundance, and type of other species. (adjective)
  • Music Relating to or based on the fifth tone of a diatonic scale. (adjective)

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Use "dominant" in a sentence
  • "By convention, the term dominant hemisphere refers to the cerebral hemisphere that is organized functionally to express language."
  • "I don't really like the word dominant at this stage, to be honest, because there is a long, long way to go," Vettel said.""
  • "The coach used the word dominant to describe Williams' effort."