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Definition of "divalent" []

  • Having a valence of 2. (adjective)

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Use "divalent" in a sentence
  • "The rationale for the use of topical preparations is to apply a divalent cation that will bind to form a insoluble salt, thus limiting percutaneous penetration of the fluoride ion. 15 Calcium gluconate gel 2.5 percent is a topical treatment for hydrofluoric acid burns."
  • "The hydrogen ion causes coagulation of surface tissue, which eventually appears as a grayish white area surrounded by erythema. 16 Fluoride ions freely penetrate the skin and continue into deeper tissues, causing cellular death and liquifaction necrosis of soft tissue. 22,15 Neutralization of fluoride ions occurs when fluoride complexes with calcium and other divalent cations in the tissues, forming an insoluble salt."
  • "False negatives (no light when there should be light): arsenate, perchlorate, most heavy metals, divalent cation chelating agents (EDTA is fine in small doses so long as Mg++ is in excess)."