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Definition of "dislocation" []

  • The act or process of dislocating or the state of having been dislocated: "the severe emotional dislocation experienced by millions of immigrants . . . who were forced to separate themselves forever from the . . . circle of people and places on which they had depended” ( Doris Kearns Goodwin). (noun)
  • Displacement of a body part, especially the temporary displacement of a bone from its normal position. (noun)
  • Chemistry An imperfection in the crystal structure of a metal or other solid resulting from an absence of an atom or atoms in one or more layers of a crystal. (noun)
  • Geology See displacement. (noun)

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Use "dislocation" in a sentence
  • "In some persons the ligaments of the joint are unnaturally lax, and dislocation is liable to occur repeatedly from comparatively slight causes -- _recurrent dislocation_."
  • "_Fractures of metatarsal bones_; _Fractures of phalanges_ -- DISLOCATIONS: _Of ankle joint_; _Of inferior tibio-fibular joint_; _Complete dislocation of talus_; _Sub-taloid dislocation_; _Medio-tarsal dislocation_; _Tarso-metatarsal dislocation_; _Dislocations of toes_."
  • "The temporal dislocation is performative, a matter of backdrops and props, idioms of rewritten dialogue."