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Definition of "dipole" [dipole]

  • Physics A pair of electric charges or magnetic poles, of equal magnitude but of opposite sign or polarity, separated by a small distance. (noun)
  • Chemistry A molecule having two such charges or poles. (noun)
  • Electronics An antenna, usually fed from the center, consisting of two equal rods extending outward in a straight line. (noun)

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Use "dipole" in a sentence
  • "Another strategy was to create "electrochromic dyes" with large changes in dipole moment between ground and excited state, so that a change in neuronal membrane potential could shift the peak wavelengths of absorbance or fluorescence4."
  • "If there is no external field we call the dipole permanent, written as pperm."
  • "I was especially proud of this one I got from South America (on a 40-meter dipole, which is the equivalent of getting Radio Free Europe through the braces in your mouth)."