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Definition of "digitigrade" []

  • Relating to an animal, such as a horse, cat, or dog, whose weight is borne on the toes. (adjective)

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Use "digitigrade" in a sentence
  • "The skull is more solid, the jaws much deeper and more powerful, the fore limb much smaller, the tail shorter, the hind limb straighter and the foot bones more compacted so that the animal was more strictly "digitigrade," approaching the ostriches more closely in this particular."
  • "The supposed stegosaurian track Deltapodus Whyte & Romano, 1994 (Middle Jurassic of England) is sauropod-like, elongate and plantigrade, but many blunt-toed, digitigrade, large ornithopod-like footprints (including pedal print cast associated with the manus of Stegopodus Lockley & Hunt, 1998) from the Upper Jurassic of Utah, better fit the stegosaurian foot pattern."
  • "The natural cast of tetradactyl digitigrade footprint (Fig. lB), was found underneath the pelvic girdle by two of us (TS and GN), while the skeleton and matrix were being recently prepared."