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Definition of "dever" [dever]

  • Duty; obligation. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "dever" in a sentence
  • "When he lays them all down in a row, my daughter notices and remarks -- "dever" - the fifth plague, cattle disease!"
  • "Segundo o Janko Roettgers do P2P Blog, a defecção ficou a dever-se à aprovação pelo SPD de uma nova lei que irá obrigar os fornecedores de acesso à Internet a bloquearem uma série de sites indicados [...]"
  • "Heading west on I-80 out of dever, where the twisty road descends out of the Rockies, I decided to save some gas – not by easing up on the pedal, but by putting it in neutral and _turning the car off_ (what can I say, I was young.)"