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Definition of "depravedly" [de•prav•ed•ly]

  • In a depraved manner. (adverb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "depravedly" in a sentence
  • "What the deuce moved him to be so snappish and depravedly bent against the good fathers of the true religion?"
  • "It was unthinkable that any one save a thief and an out-right scoundrel, such by the way as were all of his business rivals and the men who refused to tote and carry at his bidding, should make a threat like that; worse than unthinkable, utterly, depravedly disgraceful that one of the house of Packard should resort to such devious and damnable practices."
  • "Majesty defamed, the honour of Parliament depraved, the writings of both depravedly, anticipatively, counterfeitly imprinted; complaints may seem ridiculous in private persons; and men of my condition may be as incapable of affronts, as hopeless of their reparations."