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Definition of "depletion" []

  • The act or process of depleting. (noun)
  • The state of being depleted; exhaustion. (noun)
  • The use or consumption of a resource, especially a natural resource, faster than it is replenished. (noun)

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Use "depletion" in a sentence
  • "In conclusion, drug-induced nutrient depletion is far more common than we thought."
  • "Consistent in the sense that Wada et al's finding of increasing groundwater depletion is in line with Syed et al's finding that the rate of river runoff is increasing."
  • "And while we're on the subject, ozone depletion is not the same as climate change; it happens everywhere outside the tropics, all the year round, not just in the Antarctic (ozone levels over the UK in the spring have fallen by as much as 50%); but it is, thanks to the Montreal Protocol, thought to be at its worst round about now, and should soon start to recover."