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Definition of "defacement" [de•face•ment]

  • An act of defacing; an instance of visibly marring or disfiguring something. (noun)
  • An act of voiding or devaluing; nullification of the face value. (noun)
  • A symbol added to a flag or coat of arms to change it or make it different from another. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "defacement" in a sentence
  • "The *victim* of the defacement is the person who is intended to be fearful."
  • "He has been arrested numerous times for his artistic self-expression by his government who does not agree with his reasoning that because they are forcibly removing these citizens from their dwellings in order to demolish the buildings and build commercially on the land, that spray painting his profile on building facades is only temporary "defacement" and that, really, it is art."
  • "So what happens when we begin to allow people to truly deface the so-called "defacement"?"