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Definition of "crustal" [crust•al]

  • Of or relating to a crust, especially that of the earth or the moon. (adjective)

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Use "crustal" in a sentence
  • "Another item of interest is that the magmas which feed the Hawaiian arc are pretty much exclusively basaltic, as would be expected from their deep-mantle origin, whereas the yellowstone magmas are of the granite/rhyolite/andesite (aka "crustal") varieties - which would appear anomalous - but at any rate, I wonder do they contain He and Ar in enriched amounts? report abuse"
  • "They're "the payload" - if we need to drive a palentologist and a crustal geologist around Mars a bunch, they're NSSA astronauts, even if a NSDA astronaut pilots the lander/ascent vehicle and tags along to help carry rocks back to the rover."
  • "Japan's largest earthquake on record may have knocked the planet 3.9 inches off its axis as one crustal plate slid beneath another, Eric Fielding, a principal scientist with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., told Bloomberg news agency."