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Definition of "crosss" [crosss]

  • A structure consisting essentially of an upright and a crosspiece, anciently used as a gibbet in punishment by crucifixion, now, in various reduced or representative forms, as a symbol of the Christian faith. (noun)
  • A structure or monument in the form of a cross, or with a cross upon it, set up by the wayside, in market-places, etc., in Greek and Roman Catholic countries, to excite devotion. (noun)
  • A small cross with a human figure attached to it, as a representation of Christ crucified; a crucifix. (noun)
  • Something resembling a cross, or some device in the form of a cross. (noun)
  • In England, formerly, any coin bearing the representation of a cross. The common reverse type of English silver coins from William I. to James I. was a cross. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "crosss" in a sentence
  • "The sun rises, crosss the sky, goes down and then somehow hurries back to the east so it can rise again the next day."
  • "It want end even when they tell her it is, "How can a black man be elected when I am supported by all of these lower income people who want me to be president" She will not give it up nor go away, she will continue to bur every bridge she crosss."
  • "My vision of tuteur involves crosss pieces, which can be made with some copper wire on hand in the shed."
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