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Definition of "cow dung" []

  • A piece of dried bovine dung (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "cow dung" in a sentence
  • "The mortar the mostly Uzbek villagers of the Ferghana Valley used was also clay, and the cob wall would eventually be daubed in clay plaster, liberally mixed with cow dung to make it waterproof."
  • "Whether she was loading the rope cart, carrying out slops, or scraping cow dung from her mother-in-law's shoes, Kudra was enveloped in a portable fog of fragrance, entwined with a rope of perfume up which she could shinny and partially, at least, disappear."
  • "Across the stream, a group of local Hazara boys were picking patties of dried cow dung from the ground and stowing them into burlap sacks tethered to their backs."
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