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Definition of "corona" [co•ro•na]

  • Astronomy A faintly colored luminous ring appearing to surround a celestial body visible through a haze or thin cloud, especially such a ring around the moon or sun, caused by diffraction of light from suspended matter in the intervening medium. Also called aureole. (noun)
  • Astronomy The luminous irregular envelope of highly ionized gas outside the chromosphere of the sun. (noun)
  • Architecture The projecting top part of a cornice. (noun)
  • A cigar with a long tapering body and blunt ends. (noun)
  • Anatomy The crownlike upper portion of a bodily part or structure, such as the top of the head. (noun)

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Use "corona" in a sentence
  • "While Willis considers that the term corona was a common one for an apse at the end of a church, citing "Ducange's Glossary," which defines "Corona Ecclesiæ" as"
  • "Beyond the corona is the heliosphere which is also know as the magnetosphere."
  • "Melongena corona is an intertidal snail common on sandy bottoms around Tampa, Florida."