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Definition of "congeneric" []

  • Of or pertaining to congeners (organisms of the same genus) (adjective)
  • Alternative form of congener. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "congeneric" in a sentence
  • "Carpenter argues in his new paper that, in fact, A. fragillimus seems to have differed from A. altus in a number of anatomical details, and that the two might not have been congeneric after all."
  • "Although many of these trees are congeneric with species that are important in European forests, the taxonomic diversity within most of these genera is significantly higher in Central China than Europe."
  • "In both cases, the fossil taxon proved to have osteocalcin sequences that were, firstly, identical to those of its congeneric living relative (B. bison and H. sapiens respectively), and, secondly, distinctly different from those of related genera (Bos in the case of Bison, and Pan, Gorilla and Pongo in the case of Homo)."
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