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Definition of "compass" [com•pass]

  • A device used to determine geographic direction, usually consisting of a magnetic needle or needles horizontally mounted or suspended and free to pivot until aligned with the earth's magnetic field. (noun)
  • Another device, such as a radio compass or a gyrocompass, used for determining geographic direction. (noun)
  • A V-shaped device for describing circles or circular arcs and for taking measurements, consisting of a pair of rigid, end-hinged legs, one of which is equipped with a pen, pencil, or other marker and the other with a sharp point providing a pivot about which the drawing leg is turned. Also called pair of compasses. (noun)
  • An enclosing line or boundary; a circumference: outside the compass of the fence. See Synonyms at circumference. (noun)
  • A restricted space or area: four huge crates within the compass of the elevator. (noun)

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Use "compass" in a sentence
  • ""The book, though small in compass, is evidently the work of great research and reflection, and is a valuable acquisition to historical literature.""
  • "Agreed with hengst, just another thing to add on, if his compass is the type (as most are) with a rotating housing, he cant use the marking within the housing to keep on his original bearing, otherwise mistakes in shooting short bearings could result in compounding misdirection."
  • "And this compass is the best I can make – though my next will be. better!"