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Definition of "come up" [come up]

  • Used other than as an idiom: see come,‎ up. (verb)
  • To appear before a judge or court. (verb)
  • To come towards, to approach. (verb)
  • To emerge or become known, especially unexpectedly; to come to attention, present itself. (verb)
  • To begin to feel the effects of a recreational drug. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "come up" in a sentence
  • "Ladd, a small but determined gray-haired dynamo who had founded the organization, was able to come up with only five thousand dollars to fund the project, a paltry sum in the high-roller arena of scientific research."
  • "Groups such as the Congress for New Urbanism, a non-profit that promotes the health and environmental benefits of walkable neighborhoods, are turning up the pressure to come up with guidelines that can accommodate urban villages without jeopardizing fire safety."
  • "It was very cold out, a real February night, and whenever I was over there, like that night, I would try to come up with some pun in my mind about the Gowanus Canal, because the word ‘anus’ is in Gowanus and the word ‘anal’ is in Canal, and because the Gowanus smells."