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Definition of "coal-field" [coal-field]

  • In geology, a general name for any area over which coal occurs somewhat connectedly and in some quantity, and where coal is or may be worked to such an extent as to be of economical importance. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "coal-field" in a sentence
  • "As the Address is passing through the press (March 7, 1862), evidence lies before me of the existence of a new Labyrinthodont (‘Pholidogaster’), from the Edinburgh coal-field, with well-ossified vertebral centra."
  • "We mentioned this at the time to Captain Gardner, and our finding coal now seemed a verification of what we then said; the coal-field probably extends from the Zambesi to the Rovuma, if not beyond it."
  • "As the gold on this circumference is found in coarser grains than in the streams running toward the centre, or Tete, I imagine that the real gold-field lies round about the coal-field; and, if I am right in the conjecture, then we have coal encircled by a gold-field, and abundance of wood, water, and provisions — a combination not often met with in the world."
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