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Definition of "coagulation" [co•ag•u•la•tion]

  • The precipitation of suspended particles as they increase in size (by any of several physical or chemical processes) (noun)
  • The process by which blood forms solid clots. (noun)
  • Similar solidification of other materials (e.g. of tofu). (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "coagulation" in a sentence
  • "The flurry of interest reflects increasing understanding of what doctors call the coagulation cascade, the system that causes clots to form to stop bleeding in the face of injury but can lead to heart attacks, strokes and clots in the legs or lungs when triggered by disease processes."
  • "This remarkable process is known as coagulation, or the clotting of blood; and the liquid which separates from the clot is called serum."
  • "In addition, most aerosols collide and combine with other particles long before reaching the size of a cloud condensation nucleus-a process called "coagulation.""