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Definition of "cleartext" [cleartext]

  • The unencrypted form of an encrypted text; plain text (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "cleartext" in a sentence
  • "And of course, all the addresses used and texts sent via the card service since April 2006 were logged in cleartext, and have already attracted some considerable attention."
  • " From A I can ping the tun device on B, and from B I can ping the tun device on A.  That ping will actually travel over the socket connection, i.e. the ping packet will be encapsulated within a UDP or TCP packet and sent between A and B.  The problem with this very simple VPN is it's missing the security - it is what is known as a cleartext tunnel."
  • "If you don't use a secure connection, then your login and password are sent over the internet in a 'cleartext' form which can be easily intercepted."
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