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Definition of "chaus" [cha•us]

  • A lynxlike animal of Asia and Africa (Lynx Lybicus). (noun)

Gnu Collaboartive International Dictionary of English: licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Use "chaus" in a sentence
  • "Other mammals include three species of wild cat, Felis bengalensis, F. chaus and F. viverrina, and Ganges River dolphin Platanista gangetica (EN), which occurs in some of the larger waterways."
  • "Içi, au mileau d'Angleterre il fait 19C, très chaus pour nous à cette époque."
  • "Other species that deserve conservation attention in this ecoregion include its largest predator, the common leopard (Panthera pardus), and some of the smaller predators such as the jungle cat (Felis chaus) and leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)."