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Definition of "cephalochordate" []

  • Any of various primitive chordate animals of the subphylum Cephalochordata, such as the lancet, that lack a true vertebral column. (noun)
  • Of, relating to, or belonging to the subphylum Cephalochordata. (adjective)

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Use "cephalochordate" in a sentence
  • "In the middle is a cephalochordate, Amphioxus, also a filter feeder, but capable of free swimming."
  • "In the invertebrate cephalochordate Amphioxus, there is a family of very immunoglobulin like-molecules, Variable domain Chitin Binding Proteins, which are involved in innate immunity."
  • "In summary, the cephalochordate affinity of Pikaia is at best only weakly indicated by the characters visible in fossils discovered so far."
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