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Definition of "celts" [celts]

  • Plural form of celt. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "celts" in a sentence
  • "The peculiar objects called celts, and the weapons and domestic utensils of this or an earlier period, are a subject of scarcely less interest."
  • "Among the monuments of the stone period, which immediately preceded that of bronze, the polished hatchets called celts are abundant, and were in very general use in Europe before metallic tools were introduced."
  • "The two prevailing forms of these tools are represented in the annexed Figures 8 and 9, each of which are half the size of the originals; the first being the spear-headed form, varying in length from six to eight inches; the second, the oval form, which is not unlike some stone implements, used to this day as hatchets and tomahawks by natives of Australia, but with this difference, that the edge in the Australian weapons (as in the case of those called celts in Europe) has been produced by friction, whereas the cutting edge in the old tools of the valley of the Somme was always gained by the simple fracture of the flint, and by the repetition of many dexterous blows."