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Definition of "cattle-ranch" [cattle-ranch]

  • A ranch or farm on which cattle are reared. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "cattle-ranch" in a sentence
  • "Her father had a big cattle-ranch, but he got to fooling with mines or something, and went broke before he died."
  • "Given that, I didn't mind indulging her girlish fantasies with a brief tour of the wilds in a transcontinental Pullman; she could have her fill of Vast Plains and Brooding Forests from the window of a private hotel car, and never mind Chingachgook; we might stop off at some tame Indian village (one sniff of that would cure her notions), and perhaps a cattle-ranch or gold-mine."
  • "There are women-only vacations to dog-sled in Alaska, cattle-ranch in Montana, hike the Inca Trail, dive the Caymans, cruise Antarctica and study ancient goddesses in Turkey."