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Definition of "calamary" []

  • A cuttlefish; a decacerous or decapodous cephalopod of the order Dibranchiata, having a pen-shaped internal skeleton or cuttle-bone, as in the genus Loligo and related forms. (noun)
  • The internal skeleton, cuttle-bone, gladius, or pen of a calamary. (noun)
  • Also called calambar. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "calamary" in a sentence
  • "Compared with one another, the teuthis, or calamary, is long-shaped, and the sepia flat-shaped; and of the calamaries the so-called teuthus is much bigger than the teuthis; for teuthi have been found as much as five ells long."
  • "Molluscs are all carnivorous; and of molluscs the calamary and the sepia are more than a match for fishes even of the large species."
  • "Molluscs are best in the breeding time, as the calamary, the sepia, and the octopus."
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