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Definition of "bruff" [bruff]

  • Hearty; jolly; healthy.
  • Proud; elated.
  • Rough in manner.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "bruff" in a sentence
  • "There's certainly nothing wrong with an antique Harley or Indian or a Flying Merkel, but for durability, desirability, and return on investment, today'stop players in motorcycle collecting talk Brough pronounced "bruff"."
  • "So to prevent me frm playing, she bruff chewren and told me rain is actually urine frm the god jus like hw we everyday also haf to urine."
  • "I ish just a hobbyist~ lol chiu still in bmt ah? still a long long long way to go wor. .ppl say 2 years v fast pass, but ish bruff chiu huan lor. 2 years pass damn damn damn slow. after that remember go polish boots pack field pack and adjust the jockey cap nice nice okays~?"