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Definition of "braud" [braud]

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "braud" in a sentence
  • "Judging from the picture on True. com, it looks like this guy went in for the kiss with a big-tittied braud and she dissed him."
  • "The same applies to _braud_, brother, _dedh_, day, _dri_, three, and many more words which form the primitive stock of Cornish, and were common to all the Aryan languages before their earliest dispersion."
  • "I dont know what to do any more, i have tried so many different things, but it's like it won't go away, and to make things worse i am a very big teenager, not fat, but i have braud shoulders (bigger than my dads) a large bone structure, and a larger upper body; so my arms feel like a 'load gun so to speak', i can't get rid of it?"