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Definition of "bonobo" [bo•no•bo]

  • An anthropoid ape (Pan paniscus) of north-central Congo (formerly Zaire), having black hair and more arboreal habits than the common chimpanzee (P. troglodytes). Also called pygmy chimpanzee. (noun)

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Use "bonobo" in a sentence
  • "Because females are dominant in bonobo society and everyone engages in plenty of very casual sex, bonobos are much admired by feminists, hippies and pacifists as “the peaceful apes”."
  • "In 2000 the Max-Planck-Institut (MPI, Jena, Germany) with the ICCN Mundja Post, established a long-term bonobo study site outside the western boundary of the south block at Ipope."
  • "Instead of a few days out of her cycle, the female bonobo is almost continuously sexually attractive and active. at Bonobos"