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Definition of "bleeping" [bleep•ing]

  • Present participle of bleep. (verb)
  • A generic intensifier which can be substituted for any profane intensifier. (adverb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "bleeping" in a sentence
  • "Blake: I write with a brain bleeping in and out, so a lot of the time even the longer things I write are composed of strings of fragments or little ideas."
  • "There's not a great way to summarize the first episode of HBO's 24/7 special on the Caps and Penguins, but I'll say this: It was a bleeping great look inside two bleeping teams as they bleeping bleep their bleep to the bleep bleep bleep curse swear badword bleeping bleep bleep to the bleeping double X bleep word to your bleep bleep going to the chapel and I'm bleeping all the bleeps as they bleep to the oh say can you bleep by the bleep's early bleep singing songs of bleep bleep bleep."
  • "The "bleeping" has been a bipartisan affair -- neither Carter, Reagan, Clinton nor either Bush could credibly evade blame."