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Definition of "binocular" [bin•oc•u•lar]

  • Relating to, used by, or involving both eyes at the same time: binocular vision. (adjective)
  • Having two eyes arranged to produce stereoscopic vision. (adjective)
  • An optical device, such as a pair of field glasses or opera glasses, designed for simultaneous use by both eyes and consisting of two small telescopes joined with a single focusing device. Often used in the plural. (noun)

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Use "binocular" in a sentence
  • "Meaning it's a well made binocular from a company that established its name as a maker of binoculars."
  • "The study consisted of two experiments designed around a visual phenomenon called "binocular rivalry," in which one image is shown to one eye and a different image is simultaneously displayed to the other eye."
  • ""Each camera gets a slightly different view, and that creates what's called binocular disparity," says Ahna Girshick, a vision researcher at New York University."