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Definition of "biltong" [bil•tong]

  • South African Narrow strips of meat dried in the sun. (noun)

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Use "biltong" in a sentence
  • "This, unless they bought a sheep, would be in the form of biltong, that is, strips of meat dried by being hung up in the sun and wind, and similar to the jerked meat of the prairies and pampas of America."
  • "This creates a South African delicacy called biltong - which has been used since the 1600s by farmers, as a way of preserving and storing meat."
  • "Shaddy shouldered his gun, and went off after the man who was loaded with strips of flesh to make what is called biltong, and the two left worked on very diligently, with the boys wandering here and there in search of objects of interest and finding plenty -- brilliant metallic-cased beetles, strange flowers which they wanted named, birds which it was a delight to watch as they busied themselves about the fruit and flowers of the trees at the forest edge."
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