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Definition of "bejan" [bejan]

  • A student of the first or lowest class in the universities of St. Andrews and Aberdeen, Scotland. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "bejan" in a sentence
  • "What rendered it probable that the rumour came from "that end of the town" was, that Bruce the younger was this year a bejan at Alec's college, and besides was the only other scion of Glamerton there grafted, so that any news about Alec other than he would care to send himself, must in all likelihood have come through him."
  • "Mr Cupples knew him well enough by sight as a last year's bejan."
  • "But I doot ye maun bide till ye gang to Edinburgh, or Aberdeen, whaur ye'll easy fa 'in wi' some lang-leggit bejan that'll be prood to instruc 'ye, and coont himsel' ower weel paid wi 'the sicht o' yer bonny face. '"