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Definition of "ayahuasca" []

  • A hallucinogenic brew made from the bark and stems of a tropical South American vine of the genus Banisteriopsis, especially B. caapi, mixed with other psychotropic plants, used especially in shamanistic rituals by certain Amazonian Indian peoples. (noun)

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Use "ayahuasca" in a sentence
  • "For better or worse, there are ample byproducts of drug culture's intellect, including, according to Israeli researchers, the Old Testament, where the drug in a popular drink of the time called ayahuasca induced "the seeing of light and profound religious and spiritual feelings.""
  • "At the conference many papers dealt with a visionary drug called ayahuasca, a harsh-tasting thick infusion often made by boiling Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Psychotria viridis leaves."
  • "I have another one for you - In the Amazon Basin the people use an herbal concoction known as ayahuasca or yage to have visions."
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