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Definition of "avowry" []

  • The action of an advowee, advocate or patron (noun)
  • Advocacy, patronage, protection (noun)
  • Avowal (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "avowry" in a sentence
  • "For if any of the commoners were to make avowry for beasts taken in the common pasture it would then follow that if the Inquest were to pass against the plaintiff, he who avowed the taking in the common pasture would have the return of the beasts and the amends, and not the lord of the pasture, and that would be improper."
  • "And as soon as he heard that name he was full of joy, and for gladness let fall tears from his eyes, giving laud and thanksgiving to Almighty God, and to S. John his avowry that he would vouchsafe to let him have knowledge of his departing out of this world."
  • "But it cannot be in an avowry to a replevin, becaufe the avowry is to juftify the taking the cattle \ and whether the mo - ney is paid or not, is not the queftion; but if the diftrefs was rightfully taken, the avowant muft have a return; if wrongfully, he muft anfwer the plaintiff's damages."
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