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Definition of "annelid" [an•ne•lid]

  • Any of various worms or wormlike animals of the phylum Annelida, characterized by an elongated, cylindrical, segmented body and including the earthworm and leech. (noun)
  • Of or belonging to the phylum Annelida. (adjective)

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Use "annelid" in a sentence
  • "Thus, in the annelid, which is composed of a great many similar rings, and is regarded as quite a complex creature, there is so little dependence of one part on another, that a number of the rings may be destroyed without any injury to the rest."
  • "The striking behaviour, found in the earthworm Eisenia fetida, is the first time that any type of worm, or annelid, has been shown to form active herds."
  • "Instead, the current best guess is that it is a mass of annelid worms, probably Tubifex."