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Definition of "amygdaloid" [a•myg•da•loid]

  • A volcanic rock containing many amygdules. (noun)
  • Shaped like an almond. (adjective)
  • Anatomy Of or relating to the amygdala. (adjective)
  • Resembling a volcanic rock that contains many amygdules. (adjective)

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Use "amygdaloid" in a sentence
  • "The binding of [(125)I]RTI 55 to DA transporter was significantly lower in the basal and central amygdaloid nuclei, whereas the binding of [(125)I]epidepride to D2/D3 receptors was significantly higher in the basal, central, and lateral amygdaloid nuclei in major depression compared with control subjects."
  • "The specific binding of [(125)I]RTI 55 to the DA transporter, [(3)H]SCH 23390 to the D1 receptor and [(125)I]epidepride to D2/D3 receptors were measured in the right amygdaloid complex in postmortem brains from 11 subjects with major depression and 11 matched control subjects."
  • "This amygdaloid with analami and mesotype contains crystals, which the water gradually dissolves, leaving the rock with a worm-eaten appearance."