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Definition of "aloes" []

  • Plural form of aloe. (noun)
  • The resin of the trees Aquilaria agallocha or Aquilaria malaccensis, known for their fragrant odour. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "aloes" in a sentence
  • "Secondly, woods of the finest descriptions, for ship-building, and other purposes; besides aloes wood (_lignum aloes_), and arang or ebony wood, canes, and ratans."
  • "I set to work collecting a number of pieces of Chinese and Comorin aloes-wood and I bound them together with ropes from the wreckage; then I chose out from the broken-up ships straight planks of even size and fixed them firmly upon the aloes-wood, making me a boat-raft a little narrower than the channel of the stream; and I tied it tightly and firmly as though it were nailed."
  • "Notables, some were of balass-ruby and some of carnelian, others of coral or Comorin aloes-wood and yet others of ebony or silver or gold; and each had his own idol, after the measure of his competence; whilst the idols of the common soldiers and of the people were some of granite, some of wood, some of pottery and some of mud; and all were of various hues yellow and red; green, black and white."