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Definition of "act on" []

  • To act decisively on the basis of information received or deduced. (verb)
  • To take action against something. (verb)
  • To affect something. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "act on" in a sentence
  • "Granting the stay the government wants would allow it to act on those discharges and also allow it to put recent applicants from gay enlistees in limbo, the group said."
  • "Probabiliorism which held that it is not lawful to act on the less safe opinion unless it is more probable than the safe opinion."
  • "In late years the system of Compensationism has arisen, which holds that a compensating reason proportionate to the gravity of the law and to the degree of probability in favour of the existence of the raw, is required in order that a person might lawfully act on the less safe opinion."