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Definition of "acetum" []

  • Vinegar. (noun)
  • An acetic acid solution of a drug. (noun)

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Use "acetum" in a sentence
  • "When used in the Liturgy the hymn is often broken into smaller hymns such as: Lustra sex qui iam peregit, En acetum, fel, arundo, and Crux fidelis inter omnes."
  • "If you search out where it came from Pliny's Natural History, Book LXXII, a copy here, the whole sentance reads: "lanae et per se coactae vestem faciunt et, si addatur acetum, etiam ferro resistunt, immo vero etiam ignibus novissimo sui purgamento""
  • "“Optimum et laudatissimum acetum a Romanis habebatur Ægyptum” (Facciolati); and possibly it was sweetened: the Gesta (Tale xvii.) mentions “must and vinegar.”"
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