You’d Want Your Funeral Procession to Include These Victorian Age Hearses


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Source: Facebook/@Alchemy Gothic

From Charles Dickens to Queen Victoria, the people of the Victorian Age stand out in human history as a unique bunch, who upheld “refined sensibilities” and nationalism in the United Kingdom. Another universal attribute of the Victorians was their obsession with death. Slightly creepy, strangely beautiful — their traditions and customs surrounding the deceased were shared by all classes. 

One way in which the living respected the dead was by renting out a horse-driven hearse. Oddly, the most insignificant details functioned not only to aesthetically honor the dead, but also to indicate how much wealth the hosting family had achieved. Classism was, and certainly still is, a large proponent of societal bounds; however, it is peculiar that even in death, Victorians continued to make the effort to express their living standards.

From steampunk to sleighs, unconventional to classic, here are some Victorian hearses that are sure to impress onlookers. Watch this short video and then click through the slideshow for more information and even more Victorian Age hearses. Try not to think too much about death while you’re at it.