If You Know These 25 SAT Words, You’re a Genius. Take the Quiz!


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SAT words may or may not be a challenge for you. Many of us claim that we are masters of the English language. Some of us even attempt to prove our knowledge by utilizing advanced vocabulary in our reading, writing, and conversation. However, with hundreds of thousands of words in our language, do we really know them all?

While it is nearly impossible to memorize every bolded word in the Oxford dictionary, it is feasible to remember vocabulary from America’s most popular and feared test — the SAT.

So, are you a whiz when it comes to the English language? Are you a natural wordsmith, an avid reader of anything you can get your hands on? Did you score well on the Scholastic Assessment Test? Prove it! Take the challenge, testing your intellect by matching the provided definition with the correct SAT word. Can you score at least 20? 25 out of 25? Quiz yourself to find out.