Do You Remember These Defunct Restaurant Chains?


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9. Steak and Ale

SOURCE: Pinterest

Steak and Ale was ahead of its time. Much like Chi-Chi’s, it introduced a whole concept — cheap steak and a salad bar — to the American marketplace. The concept was an immense success, however the chain fell victim to its own success. Others took the model and improved upon it, leaving Steak and Ale in the dust. The chain’s final locations closed in the early 2010s.

However, the parent company of Bennigans has purchased the Steak and Ale name, and appears poised to bring it back according to their their website, which states, “Once revered for its succulent Prime Rib, warm bread and bountiful salad bar, Steak and Ale is poised for an epic comeback. Redefined as a 21st Century polished-casual concept, while retaining the signature elements that made it an American classic, the new Steak and Ale will once again set the standard for affordable steakhouses. Guided and supported by an expert operations and management team, qualified franchisees have the opportunity to generate immediate consumer loyalty by bringing back a beloved restaurant blessed with decades of goodwill and brand equity. The new Steak and Ale, offering a polished casual experience at a casual dining price point, is positioned for phenomenal growth.”