Ranking the 20 Best Westerns of the 1960s


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Source: 20th Century Fox/B.R.C. Produzione/MGM/United Artists

It’s a genre we don’t see much of anymore, but Westerns were once the go-to film choice for studios to rope in audiences. People flocked to theaters for stories taking them to the lands of the old frontier and tales of western exploration. Film Westerns really hit their pinnacle in the 1960s and those films still stand as some of the best of the genre, as well being some of the most beloved movies ever made. Clint Eastwood cemented his place as a bonafide movie star thanks in large part to several Western classics. The Magnificent Seven wowed critics and audiences alike. And Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is still one of the most enduring buddy films that only seems to get better with age.

Which one was your favorite? Do you agree with our ranking of the 20 best Westerns of the 1960s?


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